Wired Out

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I spent the day yesterday rewiring and putting my switch room back together. I had to tear out all of the original wiring when drywall started because it would have been terminated at our wet bar. Now in order to get the runs to come into the switch room through ceiling, I had to do some creative transplanting. Anway, here is my tiny switch room under the stairs. The shelves used to fit under there much nicer but I lost space from the drywall and from the bathroom wall on the right side. Also, notice the low voltage box hole in the wall near the switch. That goes through to a cabinet on the other side where all my theater electronics go. So all the speaker feeds drop into this room and then I go through the wall into the cabinet. Should be great. You might wonder why I need phone outlets in here. Not for taking calls but for connecting into the phone circuit with my VoIP-enabled router. You can run a phone line from the router to any of the 4 phone outlets (You can have 4 phone lines in one Cat5e line). So I can quickly VoIP-enabled any of 4 phone lines that run to each room in the house.


All the cables now drop through the ceiling. I installed 2 low voltage boxes up there that they drop down from. You can also see the conduit from the projector at the very top center of the picture. There are 10 Cat5e drops coming down the center. Then going down to the switch. You can see that better in the first pictures. Over on the shelves are the Cisco and Linsys routers. The big grey box contains the telephone interfaces. I bought some nice Levitron push down blocks to replace the older styles ones I had before.

Now, I have to wait for the electrician to come back and power up the outlets in this room. I have a four-plex on each side. Then I can put my servers back on the rack and call this job completed! As fun as this was, I pray that I don’t have to wire again for years to come! The good news is that I now know how to break your house if you have ADT alarm after rewiring that thing twice. 🙂