Religious Fanatics

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I haven’t done a “church city” update in a while. Lots has been going on. We are just on the outskirts of the city of Longmont here. Its coming closer and closer quickly. Well, the church going in behind us has been on the outs with the city for years. Now because of the project delays, Longmont is starting to look at annexing the land and the church doesn’t like it.

So every week this thing is getting front page coverage in the local paper. A recent front page article covered the city council meeting where the church’s development head made some references to extortion. That was fun. So now the letters to the editor are rolling in. Here is an excerpt (because I don’t want to retype the whole thing) of one today that I particularly enjoyed:

Lifebridge’s plans can’t be thwarted

Lifebridge serves the community…blah blah…

LifeBridge has had, and overcome, many obstacles to building the new facility. God has a plan and Satan nor the city council, can thwart it.

Jackie Guyn, Longmont

Now, Jackie, that is crazy talk and is just the kind of thing that pisses people off. I enjoy folks like yourself continually using their God as the reason for their way being “The Way”. Kinda sounds like those crazy terrorists to me. Allah will help us crush the American infidels. Oh, really.

Let’s think rationally…God can’t let everyone have their way — there are too many conflicting points of view! And for someone to suggest that they will get their way just because they believe God is on their side and not on yours, leads me to wonder if these folks somehow have gotten a hold of a magic list (like Santa has) that tells us how we all stack up in this world. That would be like knowing the curve before the test. So maybe I shouldn’t waste my time praying for my cause because I am obviously lower on the list and I am not likely to get my air time.

Yes, Satan can’t stop the church because he isn’t a registered Colorado resident. But the Longmont City Council, Weld County itself, and/or the Colorado courts can stop it — they happen to be real actual entities that govern this land and what they decide does matter.