I Have Power

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This week was all about electrical work on project basement. They started on Wednesday and nearly finished today. Hoping to have the county come out for their inspection on Tuesday. After they added up all the “crap” that I want to have running in the basement, they found out that there wasn’t enough power in the basement. So they had … Read More

Somebody Must Die

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I have been addicted to Cheetos for many years. How can you not be? But when I started dieting, I had to cut them out. It was hard. But then I was saved when they introduced low carb Cheetos. Life was greater than ever. Now all of a sudden, Kim can’t find the Cheetos at any of our grocery stores … Read More

Wired Weekend

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This past weekend, I spent time wiring up the theater. It was fun work until day 2 where I started breaking everything. Here is the front wall. You can see the left, right and center speakers. I created a box for each of the speakers, backed by particle board. These boxes are 1 cubic foot in volume. That is the … Read More

Hummer Happening: Ice Driving

Hummer4 Comments

I have been waiting a long time for this event! Every year we have a conflict. Not this year. Today was the annual Hummer Ice Driving Academy on Georgetown Lake. The day starts with a catered breakfast while learning about ice driving skills. Bill, the guy that teaches the class, has dozens of years in law enforcement and teaches this … Read More

Another Stud In The Wall

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Nearly done with framing! One wall to go. Should be completed tomorrow. Figured I would give the first tour. This is a shot towards the “play room” area for Sydney. Here is the gym…possibly someday, converted into a bedroom. You go down the hallway there to enter. The bathroom is off to the right. And the theater wall is coming … Read More