I Am Stuffed

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Tonight we went out for an adult’s night out. There is something great about paying a middle school girl to entertain your kid for a few hours while you go out and eat in peace. We went to the Melting Pot. This is a fancy fondue restaurant where you spend at least 2 – 3 hours cooking and eating your … Read More

How Painful to Watch

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I was browsing News.com and just saw this video from CES with Craig Barrett and Steven Tyler singing together. How awful. The other disappointment is that they are talking about some software that you can use to mix music on your computer. Um, isn’t this some kind of GarageBand rip-off? Pathetic. Invent something new. News.com – Intel to Aerosmith: Walk … Read More

Now I Understand

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I have been having some disagreements with some folks in my birthplace of Fort Wayne, Indiana lately. On a few things, I just couldn’t figure out why we couldn’t see eye to eye. Maybe the answer is in this article. Men’s Health – Is Your City Stupid? So Fort Wayne get the lowest grade in the class — an F. … Read More