Ain’t Got No Shuffle

A Day in the Life5 Comments

Through some interesting backlog or shipping issue, I received my Apple iPod Shuffle…dock today. No shuffle itself. Just the dock. How nice! Just enough to drive me nuts. I lined up the iPod family for a photo!

Patent Approved

A Day in the Life2 Comments

I got word at work today that the US Patent Office is going to issue us a patent on an invention we submitted a few years ago. It has taken years to get through this process. Once it becomes official, I will post a link. I think I get some cash. Yum.

Getting There

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I have been trying to spend at least an hour a day working in the basement prepping for the pending construction. Almost ready. Here is a tape outline of the 119″ screen that I have picked out. On the sides and on the bottom will be the in wall speakers. What do you think? Big enough? Visualize the gym here. … Read More