I Am a Whiner

A Day in the Life1 Comment

I went racing today in Santa Clara at SpeedRing with Brian. We got there and they were really full. The entire sheet was full for our heats and they even had to add one car to fit the whole group. So 16 cars on the short track. Oh man.

So we get out there and…well, I don’t think I ever saw the green flag. It was yellow nearly the whole time. Get up to speed and somebody would spin out. There were a couple of rookies out there. One kid was young enough that he didn’t have a driver’s license. He was a lot slower so coming up on him was like a wreck happening in front of you every time. He would come into the corner, lock up the brake, and spin out. I nailed him a couple of times trying to pass him because he would turn right into me. Not my best day.

I have gotten used to driving on a nearly empty track in Colorado. Now with so many on the track, you need a different set of skills. Nearly all the qualifying skills you work on, don’t mean crap in a real race. You have to know how to dodge, duck, and avoid when racing with lessers. I am no racing god (yet) but when people are say 2+ seconds different than you, it is hard.

Now I know what Jeff Gordon feels like when he gets stuck in the back of the pack with the likes of Derrike Cope. Oh well.