Luggage Claim Etiquette

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So we are waiting at San Jose airport on our bags. San Jose ALWAYS takes forever. Technology capital of the world and nobody can speed up the bags.

Here they have 3 big circular baggage claims. (Why don’t I use my camera phone to show you? Cause I always forget to.) So ours is coming in on one of those. I always stand to the back of the crowd and watch for my bag. I don’t feel like the proper technique is to stand right up on top of the carousel. I feel like everyone should stand a few feet back and then when you spot yours you get to come to the front, get yours and return to the crowd. There are a large set of people that believe that the proper method is to claim your front row spot (like at a rock concert) and then stand there and hold on to the rail and don’t let anybody in your area.

Ok, so I see my biggest bag and I go in for it. Excuse me. I started to grab it and it was stuck with another girl’s bag and we get them apart. Suddenly, I feel a straight arm to my back. I know what this feels like — it was a get out of my space straight arm. The kind that happens when the crowd starts moving in the mosh pit at a concert. So I look over my shoulder and this older gentleman is giving me the look. The look meant get out of my space. Hello? Trying to get my bag here. I wasn’t being rude.

So I get that bag and take it over to my wife with the cart. As I return to the crowd, the guy is giving me the eye and then he takes his cart and turns it sideways as to block me from returning to his space at the carousel. Guess I am not getting through there. Wait until the next bag!

Well, he got all the rest of his bags before I got the next one of mine. Damn luck. I was ready to mix it up. After he left, I told Kim about it and she started laughing and thinking I did something. Then, this totally random girl overhears us and butts in and comments that she thought I should have hit the old man. Ha!