On The Eve Of

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MacWorld…geez. I can’t believe it has come to this. I am awaiting tomorrow’s MacWorld keynote to see what I need to buy from Apple. I am 3 for 3 on these Steve Job’s announcements. There was the Aiport Express, then the iMac G5, then my iPod Photo. Seems like I should just send them a check tonight. Who knows what I will get? 🙂

These rumor sites are hilarious. Such work to figure out the story just hours before the event. I saw pictures from these one guys that are camping out front of the conference center. They caught a glimpse of some of the signage inside but it left everyone more confused I think.

So what is on my wishlist? Well:

1. Flash-based iPod — yes, I need one. My arm gets sore from lugging this huge iPod around when I run in the summer. Some weightless device with 100+ songs will do me just fine. I need it to be Apple’s because of all the iTunes music I have.

2. A great media center. I am getting angry about my TiVo getting slower. Plus, I have a Series 1 TiVo so I haven’t gotten a new feature in 5 years (that I care about)! I want to use a good media center that gives me DVR, HDTV, Photos, Videos, and plays DVDs. All in one box. I will spend up to $2000. I will not buy a Microsoft Media Center. Will Apple save me?

Every other rumor isn’t that interesting to me personally. That is where I am at. We will see tomorrow.