I Am a Whiner

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I went racing today in Santa Clara at SpeedRing with Brian. We got there and they were really full. The entire sheet was full for our heats and they even had to add one car to fit the whole group. So 16 cars on the short track. Oh man. So we get out there and…well, I don’t think I ever … Read More

Luggage Claim Etiquette

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So we are waiting at San Jose airport on our bags. San Jose ALWAYS takes forever. Technology capital of the world and nobody can speed up the bags. Here they have 3 big circular baggage claims. (Why don’t I use my camera phone to show you? Cause I always forget to.) So ours is coming in on one of those. … Read More

Waste of a Day

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I spent nearly the whole day and part of a previous one trying to figure out the fix to one dumb bug. Our application was crashing IIS on shutdown. The customer would like this fixed. The problem turns out to be this one thread that always returns STILL_ACTIVE when you call GetExitCodeThread. Now the thread is dead. I mean I … Read More