Right Place, Wrong Time

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So we are in this teleconference (not on MeetingPlace, boo!) today with a company that we are working on a deal to license some technology. The meeting goes long and some of the people drop out. A few of us stay on for another hour to finish the meeting up. At the top of the next hour, a new person … Read More

Do Not Spoil The Help

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So I went to breakfast this morning with my one and only remaining Grandma. She is said to have money in the bank and hence she is getting stingy in her old age. So we go to her favorite breakfast place to meet her as a surprise. The waitress comes over and they are best buddies. They talk about all … Read More

And The Complaints Begin

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As previously mentioned, I am now the president of our homeowners association — well, it offically starts on the 1st of January. The other night I got my first complaint call. This is going to be fun. So the issue the homeowner raised was that we pay too much for a certain service to be performed in our community. Ok, … Read More

NASCAR Sprint Cup

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Sprint to Buy Nextel in $36 Billion Deal – Reuters So last year was the first season of the new Nextel sponsorship of NASCAR and now this? So Nextel is no more. Wonder if they will change it to the “Sprint Cup” instead of the “Nextel Cup” in 2005? Sprint cup seems weird because we aren’t exactly sprinting here. Guess … Read More

I Need a RADIUS Server for WPA

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For completely geeky reasons, I would like to use WPA-Enterprise instead of WPA-Personal to secure my home wi-fi network. Therefore, I need a RADIUS server for authenticating the users. I can’t seem to find one. I tried out WinRadius but it didn’t work. The WinRadius people say that they don’t support PEAP so it will not work. There are some … Read More