Just My Luck

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So we come to Indiana for Christmas and last night the state gets dumped on. They have declared a state of emergency and the national guard is out helping recover stuck motorists. I came from Colorado where there was no snow on the ground to this. Go figure!

Take a Lesson From Spyware

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While visiting at Christmas, I always have to do the yearly tune-up on my parent’s computer. This usually involves making sure they have all the security updates, verifying that the anti-virus is up to date, making sure my scheduled tasks (like defrags) are working, and random disk space cleanup. This year we had a new surpise — spyware. According to … Read More

Tips for Holiday Letter Authors

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Are you one of these families that writes a “Holiday Letter” and puts it into your holiday cards? Stop…or get better at it. Normally, I would think I would be the kind of person that enjoys these. Hell, I write down all kinds of random shit on this blog and you are sitting there reading it. So you either: 1) … Read More

Working in Baghdad

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Tonight, we had dinner with my Aunt and Uncle. They shared pictures and news of my cousin’s latest adventure — she is in Baghdad. No, she isn’t in the military. She is there as a civilian doing privatization. She “gets” to wear body armor to work and she lives in a guarded armored compound. See your job isn’t so bad. … Read More

An Office Christmas Party

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Today was my Mom’s office Christmas party. She invited me to stop by but I couldn’t because I had a meeting. She brought back some pictures from the party. This guy “works” there — but I think he is really on some kind of government work release program. Then there was this lady. I was told that I shouldn’t post … Read More