Ronald McDonald Is An Evil Pimp

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This year we are having an “at home” New Year’s Eve. Last year, we were in Vegas listening to Metallica at midnight so my 2 year average is still pretty good.

Anyway, Netflix happened to deliver us Super Size Me as the movie of the night. Interesting choice given that the movie makes you fear putting any fast food into your body. Kind of a new year’s resolution kickstarter. Hey, I lost about 30 pounds last year so I am not that worried…for now.

Super Size me

If you have seen or heard about this movie, it is basically a documentary of this dude that ate nothing but McDonald’s for 30 days straight. The effects that it has on him are obvious. His health goes to shit. But it does so much faster than most of the medical staff in the movie thought.

The coolest thing about the movie was that after this movie appeared, McDonalds did away with the Super Size option on its meals. Man, ain’t it great that one man and a camera can still make a difference.

So for now, I am sticking to Arby’s and Carl’s Jr. as my poison of choice.