Angry Kinkos Workers

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Is it just me or is everybody that works at Kinkos mad all the time? Well, they do have their moments of kindness but those seem to just be flashes.

The Nintendo DS I got for Christmas has a bad pixel. Nintendo has promised to fix all bad pixels so I am getting it fixed. So you have to drop the DS off at a FedEx agent station. Our happens to be inside of our FedEx-Kinkos.

So by chance I show up at 10 till 6 PM. The girl comes over says she knows how to do these types of returns. It isn’t just some regular package. She tries something on the computer and then says it is giving her an error. A few more keystrokes and then she turns to me and explains that she can’t ship this tonight. Everything goes out a 6 and she can’t fix this and get it out on time. I didn’t care if it went out today so just do it for tomorrow. I will wait. No. I can’t do tomorrow until tomorrow. Ok? You will have to come back tomorrow. I was kind of dumbfounded. I drove over here. They are open. But she can’t help me. No, I can’t help you tonight, she said. I walked out.

So today, I went back to Kinkos again for try #2. Just my luck, she is working again. I kindly said, “I am back again”. She tried to use the computer to do the transaction and she said, “There is still an error. I will have to call technical support to find out what to do. This will take 30 minutes to 1 hour just so you understand what you are getting into here.” Ok? So this is my fault I guess. Me, being the dumbass customer, who had to do this special kind of shipment. Bad me. Bad me. Fuck her. I am the customer. Why are you treating me like this is my fault? I will wait it out. Oh, and why didn’t you get this fixed this morning before I showed up. Maybe that is why you work — nevermind.

While waiting, I notice the fury in the Kinkos employees. One female employee used some computer that somebody else was on and this mail employee ripped her a new one right in front of me. He didn’t know I was waiting there. Then, later, they continued to make fun of all the dumbass customers. Now people are a bit goofy. They kept coming in with 1 piece of paper looking for one copy and coming to the counter to figure out what to do. I think Kinkos needs to print some signs or something.

20 minutes later she comes back from being on the phone. She types in just a few things and then goes back to the phone and tells them it works now. She comes back over to the terminal, turns to me and says, “Now, you see why I couldn’t do this last night?”. FUCK YOU — “Ya know, I am pretty annoyed with your attitude on this whole deal. I am just a customer trying to use your service and you act like I am to blame for all this trouble. I do not appreciate it.” To that she responds, “Okkkkkk” — in that screw you voice.

Man, back in the day when I was in my 20s, I would have lit up the store on that one. 🙂 Today, I just shared my feelings with her calmly and got nowhere. Maybe guns are the solution?