Yet Another LifeBridge Update

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Last night, I attend another LifeBridge public opinion meeting. I only had my cell phone camera so the pictures are not as good as I would have liked. This time the focus was on the phasing of the plans. The development is to be broken up into 3 phases. Each phases will go through an platting approval process with the county before development beings.


Phase 1 will focus on building out the homes and some of the basic facilities at the south end of the property. One change they made from the last meeting was that they removed a small cul de sac that was in the corner by my house. Now the streets mirror each other nicely.


Phase 2 may overlap a bit with the final completion of phase 1.


Phase 2 focuses on buildout from the south along the west side of the development. I have a full printed map at my house if you are interested in seeing it.


Finally, they presented some multi-stage visuals on how the views would change with each phase from 3 different locations. I didn’t take too many pictures of these but I suppose I should have. They will be at the next meeting if you care to see them. This rendering is as if you are standing at the end of Pearl Howlett looking west after full build out.


Given that development is going in whether we like it or not, I am starting to like the changes that they are making through the process of these meetings. LifeBridge plans a few more meetings. It seems that they are using these meetings as a sounding board for these approval plans as they get ready to file their re-application. It is a smart move for them. It seems that less and less people are coming to the public meetings so some set of people are becoming more “ok” with this plan.

The I-25 corridor, where I live, is hot right now. And Colorado 119, the road we live off of, is the current hottest spot. So much development is going on. Just yesterday, I found out that King Sooper (part of Kroger) is building their largest grocery store in the state 2 miles down the road from us. There are 2 more farms within walking distance to the north of us that have just been sold to developers for new housing developments on the scale of thousands of homes. And Wal-Mart, who just finished going through a bloody zoning a bit north of us, is eyeing a property 2 miles down the street from us. Due to all of this the county is ready to increase Colorado 119 to 6 lanes. Things are getting exciting.

Growth is happening and we are right in the middle of it. You either like it or you hate it. I tend to be a fan of growth as long is it is done responsibly.