Ronald McDonald Is An Evil Pimp

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This year we are having an “at home” New Year’s Eve. Last year, we were in Vegas listening to Metallica at midnight so my 2 year average is still pretty good. Anyway, Netflix happened to deliver us Super Size Me as the movie of the night. Interesting choice given that the movie makes you fear putting any fast food into … Read More

2004 Album of the Year

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Felt like I needed to do some kind of 2004 wrap-up so I figured how about music. Bought a lot of music this year over previous years all because I can get individual songs now at the iTunes Music Store. I find myself buying 1 or 2 songs that I like off of completely random albums that I would be … Read More

Angry Kinkos Workers

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Is it just me or is everybody that works at Kinkos mad all the time? Well, they do have their moments of kindness but those seem to just be flashes. The Nintendo DS I got for Christmas has a bad pixel. Nintendo has promised to fix all bad pixels so I am getting it fixed. So you have to drop … Read More

Tracking Bugs

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Should a bug tracking system track symptoms or should it track fixes? I know what I think but I wanted to hear what you think.

Let’s Make Today Christmas

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Today isn’t Jesus’ birthday, technically. It is just the day that we celebrate it. Historians believe His birthday is actually in March. Many other religions celebrate on January 6th, which seems to be the popular 2nd choice. How it came to be December 25th is because early Christians wished the date to coincide with the pagan Roman festival marking the … Read More