Bloggers Love Now Playing

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Here is an e-mail I got today from a registered user of Now Playing. It is great when you build something that you love and use daily and others find value in it. Guess the plugin is worth the $10! From: Marcel Levy [mailto:heymar…] Sent: November 19, 2004 11:35 AM To: Brandon Fuller Subject: Now Playing for iTunes Brandon, I’ve … Read More

LifeBridge’s Church City Version 2.1

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LifeBridge is holding another set of public forums to discuss the modifications they made to their plans after the previous public input sessions held back in October. In those sessions, many major concerns were raised by the community. Here is a revised map shown at the meeting. LifeBridge increased the setbacks between the east border and housing developments. Along the … Read More

Font Issues in Internationalized Java Applets

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I was having an issue getting some Java UI components to render in Japanese. The main symptom is that “boxes” will appear on your screen in place of the Japanese characters text. There are several causes for this. 1. On JRE versions before 5.0, Japanese text can only be rendered on Japanese localized host operating systems, not on other localized … Read More

Why I Am Not Building An Album Art Importer

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I have been getting more and more requests to enhance my Now Playing plugin to download album covert art and stick it inside music files for iTunes. I thought about it but decided not to do this after I found a great tool called the iTunes Art Importer. It is free and it is working well for me. Give it … Read More