End on the End

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We decided to end our trip to Cabo by taking a boat ride out to the tip of Baja. This is at the rock formations across the bay that I have shown in my earlier photos. There are water taxis up and down the beach. You can hop in and they can take you into town or out to the tip. Here is a shot back at our hotel, the yellow one, as we embark.


Just a short ride out to the tip. The boat had a glass bottom. We ran along the edge and the fish were everywhere! The water was full. If you had a net (and you were fast enough), you could scoop pounds of fish right out of the water.


The big Cabo landmark that is often featured on postcards is the arch. It is in a cove at the tip. The water here in the cove is only about 6 feet deep. Every 4 years the tide gets low enough were the water is completely gone and you can sit on the beach here. That would be cool to see.


This was a small cave between 2 of the rock formations. You can see the Pacific ocean on the other side, hence this is named the Window to the Pacific.


This is Lover’s Beach. It is a passage way between the Pacific and the bay. The cove here provides a great barrier from the rough water. Lots of snorkelers. The fish were everywhere. You could swim right inside of large schools of them. It felt very safe — my wife has me believing, as she does, that sharks are everywhere and they will kill you — but not today. She even put the mask on and took a spin around the area.


On the backside of Lover’s Beach on the Pacific, is Divorce Beach. They recommend that you do not swim here because the surf is very aggressive. We will see about that.


All the macho men, like myself, instantly ran out to the beach to get our asses kicked by the waves. I first experienced this in Hawaii back in 1999 when we went for a swim and started getting slammed into the rocks. Ouch! Well, this is like the best beach for wave riding ever. There isn’t a single rock anywhere. The bottom is just perfectly smooth sand as far as you can swim out. The waves were huge. You would be out treading water or bearly touching and then as the wave started to build in the ocean out in front of you, the water level would drop…I mean drop until the point where it was below your waistline all of a sudden. Then the wave would come. You could either start swimming and try and get on top or you could get sucked into it. The power and weight of the water is so amazing. If you have never felt it, it is like nothing you ever will. It is like some super force picks you up and just throws you like you are a pebble.


Here you can see me inside of the wave — upside down. On a few occasions, I would miss the timing and get thrown inside of the wave and go head over feet a few times inside the wave and then get smashed down into the sand. Pretty painful but pretty fun!


Divorce Beach had huge rock formations at both ends. I had to climb up them a bit. I always love climbing on ocean-side rock because it is very rough and easy to get lots of traction on.


I shot some video of our day. Need to edit it and then I will put it online later this week.

Today was our last day in Cabo. Flying home in the morning. It has been a great trip. I would recommend Cabo as a destination for all you Gringos. Believe it or not — it is kinda hard to get Mexican food here. Most everyone speaks English. Everyone takes US dollars — but the change is in pesos. Nobody gets sick on the water. And the party is always on! I am sure another visit to Cabo is in our future. Ok, now I have to go home and shovel my driveway. It has been snowing for about a week there. Shit.