Buenos Dias, Cabo

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Today, we woke up to 80 degree temperatures and the sound crashing ocean waves. Quite a change because when we left Colorado yesterday, we were in the middle of our first snow of the year. My wife, Kim, is our travel agent and she never fails us. Another great location with great accommodations. Here is our view from our balcony at the MeliĆ” San Lucas here in Cabo San Lucas.


Our place is right near downtown. We are able to quickly walk to all the shops and restaurants within minutes. From our beach, this is the view to the West. Over the hills is the Pacific Ocean.


Cabo San Lucas is on a small bay at the very tip of Baja California. To the east of us is the Gulf of California. Most of the resorts are along this coastline for the next 100 miles.


Here is a shot back at our hotel from the beach out front. The beach is public so there are a ton of vendors coming up to your to sell you their wares — beads, hats, braids, blankets, and weed.


Oddly, I have yet to eat much Mexican food. Our hotel’s dinner menu has mainly steak and chicken dishes. More exploring to come!