Phoenix: Rain or Shine

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I flew to Phoenix on Saturday to meet my parents, Herb and Carole, for the NASCAR race. We are fans if you haven’t heard. It rained all morning but stopped for the race to go on as scheduled. If there is one track you don’t expect it to rain at, it is Phoenix. Bad myth.


Herb had a corporate gig lined up in Phoenix for us through business so we got the “corporate hospitality” treatment. Tons of shwag. Normally, fans struggle to get to the drivers, etc. Not the sponsors. The drivers are their slaves. So at 10 AM, Ryan Newman popped in for a live question and answer session.


Then we went out into the infield for a tour around the pits. Not much was going on and nobody was really around. At Bristol, we toured the pits the day before the race. That is the way to go if you want to have contact with the teams. But it is always worth it.


We stood on a walkway and watched the teams roll the cars out. Then the drivers came out and walked under as well. Lots of fun comments made at the drivers.


George was there. Must have been relaxing after that wild election.


At Phoneix, they have a hillside on the east side of the track. Fans can pay to sit on the hillside with the snakes and enjoy the race. They are good seats actually. Some day I bet they build a taller grandstand right in front of it.


We sat in the exit of turn 4. I don’t think there is a single seat at Phoenix were you can see the cars 100% of the time. You lose them a bit on your far side because the track isn’t banked.


Ryan Newman was on the pole. Yeah, I hung out with him earlier. We are tight.


It is go time, Skippy!


Of course, this is what we came to see — Gordon out front! Jeff had a shitty car but through some strategy he got to the front. Too bad he couldn’t hold it. And that other guy — who I will not mention — beat him. That other guy wins every race I go to.


We left the hotel at 7AM and got to the hotel at 11PM. You think the drivers have it rough — try the fans!

As an extra treat, I tried to see if I can move from just photos to a full video experience! So here is my 20+ minute video covering our day. A large portion is dedicated to Ryan Newman because we were hanging out with him…as you read. The end of the video features live sex acts performed in a car in the NASCAR parking lot! Not our car, you moron. Enjoy!