Wild in Cabo

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We shot some video of the various activities on our last day in Cabo out at Land’s End. See me get my ass kicked by some big waves! 2004-11-27 — Cabo from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo.

3D Baby

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We went in to the doctor yesterday for Kim’s ultrasound. How technology has changed in 2 years. For Sydney, we watched the ultrasound and then he handed us a VHS tape of it. What the hell is a VHS? 🙂 This time around they put the entire ultrasound onto a CD-R for us. You can just pop it in the … Read More

I Am Old

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Today is my 30th birthday. I am getting old or something. As I was reflecting on what has changed since my 20th birthday, I came up with some highlights in order by date: Turned 21 Graduated college Moved to California Got a job Got married Moved to Colorado Bought a house Climbed a 14ner Started blogging Became a NASCAR fan … Read More

End on the End

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We decided to end our trip to Cabo by taking a boat ride out to the tip of Baja. This is at the rock formations across the bay that I have shown in my earlier photos. There are water taxis up and down the beach. You can hop in and they can take you into town or out to the … Read More

That Is Not How It Works

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If there is one thing you can count on when on vacation, it is running into some assholes that are on vacation too. Decided to rant today instead of taking pictures of more scenery that would just depress you. So at the pool, there are tons of chairs but they are all taken by books and towels. I guess these … Read More