Hummer Happening: Empire Tour

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Today, we took my Mom and Dad out with us on a Hummer Happening. We started out of Empire, Colorado, and took some mining roads up. We had about 20 trucks out there today. Silver Mountain, the one we were driving around, had every square inch of it picked and shoveled back in the 1800s when people were finding gold. … Read More

Snowfall at Jenny Creek

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Yesterday, the weather showed a few inches of snow up in the mountains near one of my favorite trails, Jenny Creek. Had to go and check it out. Here is Herb making his way up the creek. The first few miles were completely dry but as we got higher the snow got deeper. When we stopped for a break, I … Read More

Rock On My Turkish Brother

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Mr. Sem Kurtulus sent me a flyer for the upcoming show of his band, Highcyde. I can’t make this one so I bumbed. I will hit the next one — is there a next one? 🙂 So all you Bay Area folks better get to the show and root them on. I heard the demos — they don’t suck.