A Spooky Ride

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I took Dmitri for a ride at Lefthand today. We drove straight up to the top to the overlook for our first break. You can see Denver in the distance in the middle.


This is Longmont to the direct East. My house is near the center of the photo behind the lake and smokestacks.


There was a fire up in this area back 2 or 3 years ago. The burns are starting to regrow some vegetation.


Here is Dmitri working his way down.


Here is a shoot of a particularly difficult chute from the bottom. As it curves up and to the left, it is too step for foot traffic.


So at the top of that chute, I was trying to find a good angle to make it down. I tried to cut across the top of the chute but got uncomfortable with that. Then I decided to just go down it but my back wheels started to hop off the ground because of the angle. I don’t want the back to go head over heals. So I backed up and my left front tire went into a rut and here we go! The ATV started rolling downhill but I was on the downhill side! The last time I rolled, which was with Dmitri also, I jumped off uphill but I wasn’t so lucky this time. So the ATV came over on top of me and pinned my leg into the dirt with the handlebar. Ouch! So there I am laying with the ATV upside down on top of me and my leg under the handlebar. I am stuck. Dmitri comes over and helps get the ATV rocking so I can try and pull my leg out on an upswing. After a few tries, I got it out and crawled away. Dmitri got the ATV on its side so it didn’t just roll down the hill. Time for a picture.


We ran into a bunch of trucks in Carnage Canyon. There were new signs posted that the canyon in danger of closure. This guy was trying the “hard” way around one of the bends. You can go around or go over. He tried to go over but failed.


At another point in the ride, there is a big rock face that you can avoid but this guy went right over it.


It was a good ride — minimal damage and a sore leg. However, I think I could do without the rolling each time I go with Dmitri.