Hummer Happening: Empire Tour

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Today, we took my Mom and Dad out with us on a Hummer Happening. We started out of Empire, Colorado, and took some mining roads up. We had about 20 trucks out there today.

2004-10-03--Hummer_ Happening.jpg

Silver Mountain, the one we were driving around, had every square inch of it picked and shoveled back in the 1800s when people were finding gold. Here was one of the old mines.


Much of the ascent was through wooded switchbacks.


After ascending for about an hour, we finally started to get above tree line. This was one of the steeper sections. The photos never do these hills justice.


At the top you could see for miles. Multiple 14ners were in view (Evans, Greys, Torrey, etc.). The city of Georgetown was way down in the valley below.


At the end of the day, the Fullers earned their merit badge for surviving the ride. Especially because they were in the back seat.