Snowfall at Jenny Creek

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Yesterday, the weather showed a few inches of snow up in the mountains near one of my favorite trails, Jenny Creek. Had to go and check it out. Here is Herb making his way up the creek.


The first few miles were completely dry but as we got higher the snow got deeper. When we stopped for a break, I couldn’t resist driving up and down the hill a few times. The wheels just spin and snow flies all over!


After finishing the Jenny Creek trail, we continued up the Moffat Road. Here is Herb making the big circle around the lake.


The skies were crazy. The wind was blowing hard and the clouds were really moving. Winter is coming.


Herb has a small bladder — oh wait, too much information. Anyway, during one pitstop, I decided that I should take a photograph of one of his most scenic pees ever.


The mountains near the top and some cool snowfall on the walls. Normally these are just all white but only the cracks are dusted white so far.


The end of the line is the Needles Eye Tunnel. It is closed because it keeps collapsing and killing people.


The snow was deep at the top. I think the elevation here is just under 12,000 feet.

2004-10-02--End_of_the Trail.jpg

We turned back and stopped off at Jenny Lake to eat our lunches. It was a pretty chilly but it didn’t matter much.


Another successful father and son outing completed.