I Wondered What Was Going On

A Day in the Life3 Comments

All of sudden starting last Tuesday there was a lot of people getting excited about my Now Playing plugin. I didn’t know why. Turns out that it was featured on The Screen Savers during Sarah’s Download of the Day. You can see the article from the show at least for proof.

I TiVo this show daily but I haven’t gotten a chance to watch it this week because of my extra Daddy duty. Unfortunately, I only save the last 3 episodes so I missed it. Man, my 10 seconds of fame and I didn’t even get to watch it. Reminds me of the time Kim and I went on the Tonight Show with Leno and we were right in the front row on camera. Then that night at the hotel, we were so exhausted from the day of siteseeing that we both fell asleep before the show even came on.

Some day…