Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

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I just went karting with Brian in San Jose last week. This week, my new Sparco gloves came in. So when my NASCAR Dad showed up this week, we had to go racing! This guy across from me in the silver helment was going to be the big competition. He had his buddies there and he was ready to show … Read More

I Am Hiring

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You don’t hear that often these days do you? Well, I am serious. I have had lousy luck trying to find a candidate through the normal channels. Why not try through the blogosphere? I am sure you, or your friend, or your friend of a friend might be interested. The position is based in Silicon Valley at Cisco Systems’ headquarters. … Read More

Nice Rental

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Hertz has been doing me right on my visits to San Jose lately. Today, I got the fire red Mustang convertible with Sirus satellite radio! My co-workers keep asking why I need such a nice rental car but this is just what they give me at the corporate cheap rate. Gotta know how to work the system a bit I … Read More