Hail No

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It hailed today. It is weird to have these mini-snowballs falling from the sky in August. I thought they would look bigger but they looks small in the picture. I assure you that they hurt when they hit you. Oh well, admire my grass.

I Said Reboot

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Windows has been pissing me off lately. You too? The more I use my Mac laptop for work, the more I appreciate the little things Apple has done. Here is one. On my Windows XP box, I have processes that hang when I shutdown. Lately, it has been the Bluetooth service that always hangs. I don’t know why. Probably should … Read More

Taming Kelly Flats

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Today, the Colorado Hummer Club planned an event at Kelly Flats. I have done this trail on my ATV before and it was pretty challenging. The big ruts and steep vertical climbs are pretty tough. I took my wife here and she asked that we go somewhere easier. So nothing better than to try it in my truck! We met … Read More

More, Señor?

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So at our favorite Mexican restaurant, they know what we like. We don’t have to order, they just bring us our “usual” most of the time. I have this habit of downing several Diet Cokes during my meal. So tonight the boys decided to get ahead of me. Good thinking!

You Know Your Company Is Too Big When

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So I get this e-mail at work from Information Security that says: During a standard audit, it has been discovered that your system has Plaxo on it. Information security recommends that this should not be used for business purposes and that it be removed in order to better secure Cisco. Now I know lots of folks are chatting about Plaxo … Read More