Denying the Java Security Prompt in Internet Explorer

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For the last few years, this dialog box has plagued me and my team. Our product uses Java applets that require users to grant them permission in order for them to execute. We need permission because we download code and do other crazy things. Anyway, given that users are dumb, some of the time when they see this dialog box, … Read More

That’s All I Have To Do?

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I needed to test out the preview release of the new Mac OS X “Tiger” for work. I didn’t want to upgrade the OS on my Powerbook because I still need the current version for development. What should I do? So Todd tells me that I can just plug-in an external Firewire drive and install on that. Really? I will … Read More

The Latest Crime Fighting Tool

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From a recent trade show, here is MeetingPlace Web Conferencing (my team’s product) in use inside of a police car. Back in the day, we used to say “MeetingPlace Everywhere”…looks like we are getting closer!

Empty Seats

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New Rule: If your country hosts the Olympics, you have to have enough people to fill the seats. Have you watched the Olympics coverage? Every single event has nearly 2/3rds of the seats empty. There are tons of news articles about it with lots of great excuses. I guess ticket sales were not that good and the Greeks are on … Read More

Never Too Old To Rock

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From time to time, I start to wonder why lots of people don’t quite get what rock and roll is all about. But there is nothing like a live performance to change that. I remember when my wife (then girlfriend) took me to my first Metallica concert. I was hooked. My mother volenteers at the Embassy Theatre in Fort Wayne, … Read More