Hit Snooze on Movable Type 3.1

Geek8 Comments

Just upgraded to Movable Type 3.1. I was excited to have some of the dynamic publishing abilities until I read this in the new features guide:

Please note that at this time, only the standard Movable Type tags are supported with the dynamic rendering option. Existing plugins are not compatible with this new feature, since they are written in Perl and not PHP. If you are seeing errors due to using plugin tags, you will either need to remove the tag(s) or change that template to render statically.

What the hell is that? I use a trillion plugins and now they don’t work with this feature. We have this saying at work and around the software industry — “Whole Product”. You can’t introduce features like this and have them only work successfully if you use the product in a certain way. They need to work across the whole product. Get it? On top of that, the info on how to use the dynamic pages is only available for Apache. I happen to use Apache but not everyone does — yet.

I am not sure that Six Apart is really listening to what people want. There isn’t a single feature in Movable Type 3.1 that I feel I personally benefit from at this point.

Well, the new APIs might be good once somebody uses them but they seem to have missed there also. The MT-Notifier plugin that they shipped in the official plugin pack still has an automated code hack in order to work. Couldn’t you add a hook for that one? The plugin won in your contest, you had to know. Furthermore, it doesn’t work with your default templates out of the box. You have to totally hack up your comment form to get this to work due to the retarded <MTCommentFields> tag that I despise — what a hack!

I am a paying customer now so I get to bitch. When Movable Type was free, you couldn’t complain. What value did you find?