Korn and Linkin Park: Worth Twice the Price

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Finally, another night of rock and roll. There haven’t been a lot of good concerts this summer so I was ready to go. I had an errand to run before I went to the concert tonight and I was running late leaving the house. As I flew out the door, I noticed the mail hadn’t been dropped off yet. So I grabbed it and all the rest of my stuff and headed out. Just as I was leaving the neighborhood, I thought I had better check that I grabbed my ticket. It was on my desk and I threw it in my pile of directions and mail. Where is it? I pulled off the road and searched the car. No ticket. I called back home. No ticket. Where is the — shit, I must have stuck it in the mailbox. It must have attached itself to one of the envelopes or something. We have a big mail drop box so I can’t get it out or it is a federal offense I suppose. Shit. Oh well, try and buy one at the gate.

I got to the gate and they inform me that they are sold out. Damn it. Ok, where are the hustlers? I end up finding this dude that has 2 tickets for friends that didn’t show. Yours for face value, he says. Without breaking my stride, I round down and flash the cash and he takes it. Before completing the transaction I realized that this place has many different sections. My old ticket was for a 30th row seat. Hope this isn’t just some lawn GA ticket up high. He says — it is good, trust me.

So I get in and enter at the top of the place furthest from the stage. I keep asking where GA1 is. They keep pointing me down and letting me walk further. About 8 checkpoints later, I am on a 10 foot deep piece of concrete that is stage wide. It is the space in front of the seated front row. Nice.

I get there and Big Daddy Snoop is up. Snoop has so many dudes on stage with him that I don’t have a clue how he makes any money. Everybody is playing some instrument or singing or drinking or getting high or all of the above. Snoop likes to get the crowd going but constantly talks about 3 things: 1) getting high, 2) getting drunk, and 3) getting fucked. These are the 3 pillars of the Snoop Dogg religion. I must say they are working well for the boy.


Korn was up next. Everybody in the pit with me was there to see Korn. They rocked hard. Last time I saw them in concert, we had to duck out early so it was really nice to see the full show. At this point, I had worked my way up to 3rd from the stage. You could see all kinds of things happening. In between a few songs, Jonathan would go back behind the speakers and get some water and then breathe in some oxygen from a mask. Yep, it is a bit harder to breathe up here buddy.


Linkin Park was the headliner. Before they started, the girls in front of me gave up and left for a drink and I now was on the fence next to some other girls that were probably 15-18. They got pissy everytime somebody shoved them around. They even tried giving this one guy a hard time because he was taller than them and they had been there since 4PM. I got tired of it and explained that pushing happens and they should probably go and wait outside for their mom to pick them up.


Chester was constantly signing right in front of me. He was big on hitting fists together with fans. So I kept mine out there and he came by and gave me a knock. Cool. 3 good acts and some close-up pictures later, I got back home before the rush. It was good to have night of rock to end the summer.