That’s All I Have To Do?

Geek2 Comments

I needed to test out the preview release of the new Mac OS X “Tiger” for work. I didn’t want to upgrade the OS on my Powerbook because I still need the current version for development. What should I do?

So Todd tells me that I can just plug-in an external Firewire drive and install on that. Really? I will give it a shot.

I bought a Western Digital 120 GB external drive and hooked it up. Then I ran the Mac OS X Disk Utility and formatted it. There it is! So I popped in the Tiger DVD and the setup began. It came to the point where you select where you want to install into: My Hard Drive (internal) or External Hard Drive. Cool. Choose External. Let it finish.

The machine restarts and boots off of the external drive and brings up the new OS. The “icing on the cake” — it opened the desktop and launched all the same applications in the same window positions that I had them in before I ran the upgrade on the other OS on the other hard drive.

Oh my god, that was too easy. I am slowly becoming a Mac fan.