Never Too Old To Rock

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From time to time, I start to wonder why lots of people don’t quite get what rock and roll is all about. But there is nothing like a live performance to change that. I remember when my wife (then girlfriend) took me to my first Metallica concert. I was hooked.

My mother volenteers at the Embassy Theatre in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Interestingly, they have a ecletic group of performers that come through and play there.

So last night was Alice Cooper and I wasn’t sure how my Mom would do. Not exactly her style of music. Here is an e-mail I got from her this morning:


Well, at 55 years old I finally attended my first ‘rock’ concert at the Embassy.

What an experience and where are all of those freaks in the daytime?

After serving 4 kegs of beer and anything that remotely resembled liquor the bar closed and we settled in to hear the warmup band from Chicago..The Dirty Americans……..too loud.

The theatre went black……the smoke started to roll ..people started to scream putting their fists in the air….and then ALICE appeared on a platform raising from the back of the stage. Complete with makeup a tophat and a huge SNAKE for cripe sake my experience began.

I wondered if I would even remember any of his songs…yep………Schools out for the summer. His daughter appeared on stage and he pulled out a sword and killed her then grabbed a doll that resembled his daughter and drug her around stage by the hair. See Natalee it could be worse….Dad’s not that bad afterall. His drummer was awesome and did a solo that seemed to last forever….excellent……even my greyheaded coworkers started cheering.

After two encores the fire department arrived to warn us that the smoke alarms went off….we didn’t care …they parked the truck in front of the building and stood and watched with us….it was contagious….but deafening

What a week Harry Connick, Jr. and Alice Cooper…two great performers.

Now just so I don’t put my eyeliner on real black this morning…..



Now, I will have to take her to Metallica someday and show her how its done! Rock on, Mom.