You Know Your Company Is Too Big When

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So I get this e-mail at work from Information Security that says:

During a standard audit, it has been discovered that your system has Plaxo on it. Information security recommends that this should not be used for business purposes and that it be removed in order to better secure Cisco.

Now I know lots of folks are chatting about Plaxo regarding privacy. I have ranted about it before. But what kills me is this…Cisco invested in Plaxo. Our freaking logo is on the Plaxo home page.

Now maybe its just me, but if spent a few million dollars on an investment, I sure as hell would want everyone I know using the service because I want a return on that investment. Now, all 30,000+ of our employees that could be “viral salesmen” for this product are shutdown from using it.

Something is wrong. I tried to raise this internally but nobody cared.