Hit Snooze on Movable Type 3.1

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Just upgraded to Movable Type 3.1. I was excited to have some of the dynamic publishing abilities until I read this in the new features guide: Please note that at this time, only the standard Movable Type tags are supported with the dynamic rendering option. Existing plugins are not compatible with this new feature, since they are written in Perl … Read More

Pain in the Access

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Last weekend, I had some free time so I decided to try and convert my Microsoft Access application from Access 97 to Access 2003. Access 97 has done well for me and I have it working perfectly for me. However, there a just a few features in later versions of Access that I would like to take advantage of. I … Read More

Korn and Linkin Park: Worth Twice the Price

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Finally, another night of rock and roll. There haven’t been a lot of good concerts this summer so I was ready to go. I had an errand to run before I went to the concert tonight and I was running late leaving the house. As I flew out the door, I noticed the mail hadn’t been dropped off yet. So … Read More

Front Page News

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It is no fun to lose a lawsuit. And it is even less fun to have it as the top headline in your local paper. Oh well — shows that we were really doing something that was a big deal in this area. The judge basically decided that the rules were not followed to the letter of the law, but … Read More