Crash Course in Driving

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Tonight was the start of the Boulder County Fair. Festival season is in full swing around here. This fair has your normal carnival and 4-H type of stuff but last year they added a bunch of new activities for the “boys”. So we stopped in to watch the 2nd Annual Demolition Derby!

Ready for the start. All the cars are lined up and ready to go. When they drop the green flag, all the cars throw it into reverse and backup and get ready to smash!


And they are off! The rule is that you have to make contact every 60 seconds but I don’t think anybody challenged that rule. Everybody was hitting as often as they could.


I started cheering for car number 4. He was making good moves and more importantly, he was still on the go at the checkered flag!


I didn’t take pictures of every broken car. Would have been too much to shoot then. But I found this guy’s situation interesting. He got hit from the side and it literally snapped his tire off.


After the race, the workers have to unstack the pile of cars and get them out of the ring. They brought in a big forklift and picked some of the cars up and lifted them out.


Forget NASCAR…I love the demolition derby! These officials don’t even have a yellow flag. I guess they do not need one because it is just one big caution all the time!