Crash Course in Driving

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Tonight was the start of the Boulder County Fair. Festival season is in full swing around here. This fair has your normal carnival and 4-H type of stuff but last year they added a bunch of new activities for the “boys”. So we stopped in to watch the 2nd Annual Demolition Derby! Ready for the start. All the cars are … Read More

How Big Is Yours?

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With the addition of the Apple AirPort Express to my home network, I no longer have the requirement to have all my music encoded as MP3. Like most people, I have ripped each album I buy shortly after I buy it. Over the years, I have switched between several computers and several pieces of ripping software. The result is an … Read More

Those Are Real Men

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Last night, we drove up to Cheyenne to go to Frontier Days. It is a week long event with nightly rodeos, bull riding, and other cowboy activities. I am no cowboy by any means but it was fun to go and see all the dudes in their element. The big event was the Professional Bull Riders (PBR, to those in … Read More

Please Don’t Die On Me

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My oldest PC is a 1997 Gateway Pentium II. Its a relic at this point but a very important one. It runs all my Orion development software. I couldn’t rebuild a new system with all the same software if I tried. Don’t have all the original media anymore (can’t find it) and couldn’t get all the patches. So when it … Read More

My ATM Has Hmoob

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Cool. I am so excited. Um, wait, what is Hmoob? This new icon on my ATM screen at the bank has left me puzzled for the last few weeks. I am guessing it is some new language selection since its near the Spanish button. Now, who speaks Hmoob? Turns out some other guy noticed this and found the answer. Its … Read More