Apple Stays Ahead of the Curve

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Let me set this up. I have been buying all my music lately on the iTunes Music Store. Its so convienent that its addictive. Even my wife is getting into it. She has buying songs for our kid to listen to on iTunes. I hooked my iPod up in my truck. I developed a plugin for iTunes. I am all … Read More

Hot Dog

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Its 100 outside here today! Summer is here. My neighbor called and asked us if we could bring his dog, Marley, inside for a while today so she doesn’t burst into flames. Marley is going around chewing up all my dogs bones. My dogs are at the vet right now. We love Marley.

MT-NowPlaying: A Movable Type Plugin

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Current version is released on 2007-04-12 Contents What This Plugin Does Requirements Installation Instructions How To Use The Tags Frequently Asked Questions Examples Donate License Download Version History Contact What This Plugin Does This plugin will allow you to publish what song you are listening to on iTunes, Windows Media Player, or Winamp at the time you write a … Read More