The City By The Bay

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We returned to San Francisco today. First time back since we moved away 3 years ago. We thought it would be cool to show Sydney some of the sights. Therefore, I am now a tourist and therefore I am required to take pictures of the classic landmarks. The Golden Gate. Rare to catch it on a day that you can … Read More

Watch Out Jeff Gordon

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This morning Brian and I went to SpeedRing and attended a kart control clinic so that we could improve our kart racing skills. We become quite fond of kart racing after the race for the Latitude Cup. After 3 hours of instruction, I was able to improve my best lap time ever to a 30.0 flat. I wanted to break … Read More

A Day in Monterey

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We took Sydney to the Monterey Bay Aquarium today. I haven’t been there for at least 5 years so I was anxious to see the improvements they made. Weather was good outside. Its never hot in Monterey. No big deal to wear a long sleeve shirt in June there. In one new section, they added an enormous fish tank filled … Read More

LifeBridge Still Sucks

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Its been a while since I have updated the blog on the mega-church called LifeBridge that is planned for the property behind our house. So here is the update. We filed a lawsuit (106A4) in Weld County court. The litigation challenges the decision by the county commissioners to approve the zoning. The basis of the suit is that the law … Read More

Trouble With Velvet Revolver

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The other day I was talking about how Apple made me happy again. I threatened to just buy the CD at the store if not. Well, now and then I do buy the CD from Amazon. My reasons are: 1) if I like the band a lot and want the songs in the highest quality, 2) you get a hard … Read More