Velvet Revolver

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Despite being pissed off about the DRM on the new Velvet Revolver CD, I had to go and see the band tonight. Denver was the last stop of the first tour for these guys. Their new album hit #1 this past week so it was fun to see a new band with a lot of energy that was on top of the world.


The mix works well in this band. Weiland is still Weiland His dance moves continue to be a gayish YMCA-style — yet oddly rockin. He came out in a leather jacket, police hat, sunglasses and a scarf. Later, he had his son, Noah, come out and sing “You are my sunshine” during the show which the crowd loved. Slash noted afterward that its amazing that a bunch of fuck-ups like these guys could produce something so beautiful.

They mixed in old STP and Guns songs in between blocks of the new songs. It worked well. The crowed loved it. Guns died an early death when Axl went off the deep end so its cool to see part of the band up there doing their thing again.

It will be interesting to see if the band holds together. I hope they do.