A Day in Monterey

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We took Sydney to the Monterey Bay Aquarium today. I haven’t been there for at least 5 years so I was anxious to see the improvements they made.


Weather was good outside. Its never hot in Monterey. No big deal to wear a long sleeve shirt in June there.


In one new section, they added an enormous fish tank filled with fish found 60 miles out into the ocean off Monterey. The largest fish in the tank were blue fin tuna. They were big fish! Notice Sydney down at the bottom watching the fish.


The kelp forest continues to be a cool attraction. Its so tall and the fish are so calm inside. They don’t really swim they kinda float.


I thought this was a beautiful display. The jellyfish was so peaceful looking.


The next tank had even more jellies. I couldn’t tell which picture I liked better so I am posting both.