In Memory Of Those Dudes

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Today was the the day to see all the memorials. So our first memorial of the day was for the Korean War. Have to say I don’t know much about that war so either I fell asleep in school or we skipped over it. The memorial was kind of different looking. Not sure if it was really that inspiring as a piece of art.


The Lincoln Memorial is definitely the memorial to see. Its the most impressive. The Washington Momument is just a big sharp “rod” sticking up in the air. But the Lincoln is much cooler.


The enclosing building looks very appropriate and the big boy sitting inside is pretty cool.


Some of Lincoln’s famous speeches are engraved on the walls inside. Here is Herbie by the Gettysburg Address.


Then over to the Vietnam War Memorial. I had always pictured it as these rows of names, which it is, but its different that I pictured because you walk down into it as it rise above you. The names are all in the order in which the US lost the soliders. There were a few different folks there crying and touching a single name on the wall. I was thankful that I don’t have a single family member that I know of on one of these memorials.


We moved on over to the White House. Lots of the area around it is closed off due to the times we live in. The best shot of it was here from the end of the South Lawn. I didn’t see any dudes hiding in the trees, electrified fences or other signs of “we will kill you if you try to come over that fence”. There was an occasional solider seen on the roof with a machine gun.


Time to head home tomorrow. DC was a cool place to visit and finally see some of our American history. We saw a good number of kids on field trips. I never had that opportunity. Probably have to bring Sydney back here when she is older so she can see this for herself. The books in school don’t always do it justice.