The United States Is Closed for Renovations

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After getting our NASCAR fill, we headed up to Washington for my first visit to my nation’s capitol. We first drove in by the Pentagon. There were cranes and other construction equipment all around. As well as an occasional HUMVEE parked with machine guns on it and soliders inside. The building was big — but not quite as tall as it seemed from TV.


We headed over to the national mall and did a drive by of all the major sites. The Capitol building was probably the coolest — but notice the crane there too! About half the buildings seemed to have some renovation going on. Nothing was closed but it sure didn’t help having construction equipment in all my pictures. Oh well.


We figured we would head over and hit the Smithsonian. What I didn’t understand is that the Smithsonian is comprised of like 6 different museums! The first one we went to was the Air and Space Museum. It was probably the coolest of all those we went to.


The rest of the museums seemed a little dated. Tomorrow, we are going to try and see if we can go and see what the President is up to.