Richmond: Kim is Bad Luck

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We headed over to the track at 4:30. It only took us a few minutes to get over there. It was nice to be so close and not have to deal with any traffic. Here is “our man” on his parade lap.


We sat just before turn one. The sun had just started to set and it was time for “Green, Green, Green”.


Ok, we are not taking Kim to any more races! She is 2 for 2 — everytime she goes, Junior wins. We can’t have that happening. Kim’s man, Jimmie, did lead quite a few laps.


The track had been resurfaced during the off-season so lots of cars would start sliding in turn 1 and 2. Since we sat in the middle of the front straightaway you found your head moving back and forth like you were watching a tennis match because all the action seemed to happen down in the turns.


Herbie has a girlfriend. This drunk chic was bugging him the whole race. It was her first race and she enjoyed it with about a case of beer. She kept asking Herb about this and that as he tried hard to ignore her. But he just couldn’t — must have been her tongue piercing.


Richmond has a great track and its a good city to visit for a race. The race itself didn’t have a lot of drama and Gordon didn’t win but we still had a blast.