Richmond: Its The Pits

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The pits rule! I treated my Mom and Dad to a trip to the NASCAR pits today. None of us had ever been and today was a great opportunity. Unfortunately, the only way to the pits (which are in the middle of the race track) is through a small underground tunnel. Somebody in our group of 3 doesn’t much care for small spaces — but we made HER go anyway.


We hung out on the pit wall to watch qualifying. As the drivers finished, they would pull up right in front of us, exit the car, talk with the media, sign a few autographs and then bolt for their buses. My wife has a thing for Jimmie so I had to be sure to catch an up close shot of the guy.


During Kasey’s qualifying run, he started to slide coming out of turn 4 and ended up in the wall right in front of us!


Jeff’s qualifying run wasn’t the greatest so he drove the car straight back into the garage to tell the team what he wanted to change. Darn, my first time in the pits and my guy isn’t out seeing the fans.


After Talladega, Herb expressed his displeasure with Junior’s fans. But today, I guess he had a change of heart as I found him giving Jr. the “your number one” sign in front of the tool cart.


Herb noticed this lady that he had to meet. What a Gordon fan! She said it took 15 months to complete. The rest of the night, I heard Herb trying to convince Carole that she would look good with a tatoo like that one.


We watched the Busch race under the lights. Richmond is a great track. The NEXTEL race tomorrow night will surely be awesome.


This little boy sitting behind us showed how we all felt being there as the race got underway.