Choke The Chicken

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Tired of choking your own chicken? Choke this one…really! Load the page and then type your command into the box and hit submit. Tell him to “choke”, “die”, “jump”, and then when you are done tell him to take a “shit” or “poop”. I want a Man, I love the Internet! This one was courtesy of Natalee — who must … Read More

My H2 Is iPod Equipped

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Finally! I got so sick of my FM modulator. That’s where you put something on your iPod (or other MP3 player) and it outputs a low power FM signal that you tune your radio into. Its great technology — in the 1970s! The sound is terrible unless you get it dialed in perfectly. And even then you can’t crank it. … Read More

When Family Goes Bad

A Day in the Life4 Comments

Today was just another beach day. I will spare the pictures so that you don’t feel too miserable for not being here. But get this — Christian, my nephew, comes walking in today and I notice he has on a shirt with a big #8 on it! What the hell? How can his parents be this irresponsible? Its a tragedy. … Read More

With The Beach Boys

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Today was spent at the beach — again. What else do you do in Florida? To entertain ourselves, we decided to bury Ryan in the sand. Once buried, you have to decorate him, right? I tried to point out his enormous package to all the passing girls but we had no takers. Later, the boys said they would teach me … Read More

Spring Break, Dude!

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Dude, we made it! Rock on. Let’s grab the boombox and walk the beach and look for chicks. In the evenings, we will play cards and try to score some beer from the drunk parents who aren’t looking. This is going to be AWESOME! Oh, wait — that was 20 years ago! Geez. It was about that long ago that … Read More