Victory Is Mine

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A little history — So when Orion entered the market, our big competitor was a company called HeartWatchers. These folks were leading the market. The lady that owned the company had written books on outcomes and was a well known speaker on the topic.

As Orion began to take off, HeartWatchers suffered. Their support wasn’t good — I was told. The product didn’t scale. They couldn’t keep up with the updates that users demanded. Orion started converting customers like crazy. We wrote an import mechanism that sucked out their data and converted it to ours. And now, finally they are shutting their doors.

So now, I found out that they didn’t renew their domain name at Its that bad now. They don’t want to be contacted at all anymore. Probably just angry customers. So what the hell — I plunked the money down and bought their domain and pointed it at my site.

Is this the new tech age victory signal when you eventually are able to own your competitor’s domain name and point it at your site?

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