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AP: LeBron James Wins NBA Rookie of the Year

I haven’t ranted about sports lately. So here we go.

I was waiting all year to see how this would play out. True, most people have heard of LeBron. His massive Nike contract is probably the big reason why you have. But Denver’s Carmelo Anthony was the true winner in my opinion. Here is why:

1. Points per Game: Lebron had 20.9. Carmelo had 21. Advantage Carmelo.

2. Rebounds per Game: LeBron had 5.5. Carmelo had 6.1. Advantage Carmelo.

3. Playoffs: LeBron is at home. The Cavs failed to make the playoffs by one slot. Carmelo’s Denver Nuggets made it for the first time in many years. Advantage Carmelo.

So frankly, I don’t see a good reason why LeBron would win. He had 508 points to Carmelo’s 430. Carmelo had less assists? What am I missing? Oh, yeah…popularity.