The Gospel According to Steve

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On the road again — blogging live from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Now, I can say I have been everywhere. But I have to be nice…they have free high-speed Internet in the room!

This year we cut the travel schedule back for Orion conferences. Most conflicted with other things. So this spring, the big conferences is this Tri-Network Conference. This conference is attended by all the clinicians of North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, some Minnesota and one lady from Montana.

Here is the booth all setup by 7:00 AM ready for the crowds!

2004-04-16--Orion Booth.jpg

Prior to Steve’s presentation, a well-known speaker was up. She had a bit of trouble with the remote and ended up flipping through her plain-ass black and white slides in about 12 seconds. Then PowerPoint exited and everyone sat there confused. The conference coordinator went to the laptop and tried to relaunch PowerPoint but she wasn’t a laptop mouser so she kept clicking on this WinZip icon over and over. Finally, they had to get the speaker to get down off the stage and go and get her 3.5″ disk out of her bag so they could reload the preso. In amazement, I just sat there and watched the ordeal from the back of the room. If she only would have clicked on the right icon, it would have been back on in seconds. Now, Steve kept telling me to go and fix it but I wanted to be sure that Steve got the highest marks for the day. He would have anyway. Oh well.

At 10:30, Steve was up for his keynote. After a few Mountain Dews, he was ready to go.


This was one of the larger rooms that we have done in a while. Its nice to have a big crowd. Puts Steve in his element. As you can see here, he is a bit passionate on this topic.


Steve and I are tag-teaming our final presentation tomorrow morning that is a more hands on and practical Q&A session. Tonight, we will do as we always do. Spend time at the bar, rubbing elbows with the customers. Hopefully, we will be ready for our 7:00 AM preso. 2 more Mountain Dews, please!