A Day in the Life2 Comments

It snowed last night. We had planned on going ATVing today with the Jungbauers, who are in town visiting. I thought it might be too cold and difficult. When I broke the news to them, they were disappointed. We can’t have disappointed guests. Let’s go!

So we arrive at Lefthand and the snow in the parking lot was even thick. Looks fun. I grabbed the youngest daughter Rachel on my ATV and Steve followed. A few people had been up the path we took so there were some good tire tracks to follow. The snow was pretty thick so when you cut across the trail you could fishtail and throw some snow. It was great. After a short 30 minute loop, we headed back to the group for the next set of riders.

Next was Steve’s son, Eric. He was ready to go. We were going to travel up the creek bed that was full of snow covering all the big rocks. I was ready to go. When we suited up, Rachel jumped back up and grabbed her helmet. She was ready to go again! Ok. I hope Sydney grows up to have an adventurous spirit like this girl.

We headed up the creek bed and after a little while we hit the point where no one else had gone before us in the new snow. It was our trail to make. We had to investigate as we went because the snow was deceiving. You would be driving and all of a sudden one side would drop 18 inches because you went off the trail. Oops.

Near the end of that trail, there is one section of trail that is a good long incline. Its a pretty good climb in the summer and even more in the winter with a foot of fresh snow on it. I put it in low and floored the machine. The tires were spinning and snow was flying and I slowly moved up the hill through the snow. You probably could have walked up the hill faster. It was great. Once I got to the top, Eric could follow nicely because the snow was now packed down a bit.

Riding in snow was pretty fun. We used to love to snowmobile in the snow. This was equally as fun. I just need a set of rear ATV tire chains and I would be unstoppable. Can’t wait for the next snowfall!

(I suck. I didn’t take my camera. I came home wet anyway. Next time I will bring it. I was pretty up in there with all the snow.)