Time To Update The Network

Geek8 Comments

It takes me a long time to get my computing environment setup the way I like it and now its got to change. Its been working perfectly for the last few years. The new twist is the addition of my Cisco VPN networking equipment. Turns out due to some bug in IOS, you can’t put the Cisco VPN 831 router … Read More

Movable Type Needs Dynamic CGIPaths

Hacks3 Comments

I host a bunch of Movable Type blogs on one server from one installation through virtual hosting. One problem I have is that I had to set my CGIPath value to be the IP address of my virtual server so all the different blogs would work. Although, this messes up cookies since they are domain specific. Orginally, I was just … Read More

Superbowl of Crap

Rants9 Comments

So what was with Janet Jackson’s boob hanging out last night? I love TiVo. I saw it and hit pause, rewind, slow motion, yes, we have a nipple. I am a guy. Boobs are ok with me but something about that time and place didn’t feel right. It was accidental according to this press release. But after studying it last … Read More